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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mamatography: Week 6 2/1-2/7

This is week 6 of the Mamatography challenge from Luschka at Diary of a First Child.


Here is my week 5 Mamatography.

This has been quite eventful week here.  I'm glad it has been well documented with photographs.

I think I posted the picture I took on the 1st last week, so I'm starting with Thursday February 2nd.  Little Boss smacked the peanut in the face with a plastic bucket on Thursday.  This was the first time my baby has bled from THIS kind of injury.  Once she bumped her face on a chair arm, but that just doesn't compare to this.  I've never heard my peanut scream like this.  I had to call my mom.  She just happened to be staying home from work, and she lives only a few minutes away.  She came to my rescue.  Now that it's been almost a week the cut is almost completely healed, and the bruising is s l o w l y going away.

Poor Little Peanut.  :(
This was Friday.  After the Chiropractor, and before Books and Babies.  We found a new park that had sand in it.  I think that's fairly rare these days...

Saturday- We took a walk down to feed the horse a carrot.  The horse wasn't outside so we got a special treat to see them in the barn.  Peanut still isn't so sure about horses.

Peanut got some weird rash all over the torso and her back.  I called the doctor's office and they told me to put hyrdocortisone on it!  That didn't fly with this Mama.  I did give her a single dose of Benadryl because when I called back to talk to a more competent nurse she said if it was an allergic reaction to something it would go away.  I used it mostly for diagnostic purposes.  The rash didn't go away with Benadryl, but it was gone Monday morning.  Thank goodness.  

Monday- Playing around with a mask at the little boss' house.

Tuesday was the our two year wedding anniversary.  We took the peanut the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  Then we had lunch at a restaurant my old roommate works at in the city.  We got to have dinner alone at a fancy restaurant we have been wanting to try for quite some time.  It was sooo nice.  We had a real adult conversation.  There was no talk of the peanut, and I only brought up placenta a few times.  Very refreshing.  I actually felt rejuvenated for work today.  Mister and I havent had a whole day off together since we moved.

This was a bubble experiment.

Clearly we are ocean people.  :)

Here is to a less eventful week this next week!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mamatography: Week 5 1/25-1/31

This is the fifth week of the year long Mamatography challenge put on by Luschka of diary of a first child.  I have a confession.  I'm doing terribly with this challenge!  I need to challenge myself to do a better job with this project next week...

This is the peanut searching for the perfect rock.  This is a big decision, and we are here for at least a half hour.  This chicky loves rocks!

This a dragon puppet I made with the last roommate I had before I moved in with the mister.  She sent me this picture.  Aaahhh, memories!  

Peanut and Bubbie walking to the car.  I think there was promise of a rock in her car.  Have I mentioned we love rocks?!

It was really foggy.  It's not normal in this area.  I thought it warranted a picture.

Peanut coloring with her crayons she got for Christmas.  I just love her hair in this picture...and her shirt.  I got this shirt when I was pregnant.  I loved it so much I said I'd put it on a boy or girl.  

Mister being so cute.  Making sure blankie stays safe on the playground.  

Its hard to tell, but this is peanut taking a nap on bubbie's bed.  She is being guarded by her cats, Goose and Maverick. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mamatography: Week 3 1/11-1/17

This my 3rd week participating in Diary of a First Child's mamatography.  I am really late this week...

January 11-  Hazards of co-sleeping...
This is the Mister with the peanut's blankie!
  January12- The Peanut walking with Great Grandma at the park.
January 13-This is the peanut searching for rocks.  We did this at every tree. 
  January 14- Helping the bubbie reduce the clutter in her closet.  These bags went to the goodwill.
January 15- Burning a copy of "Babywise" I got at a used book sale!
January 16- It has been really cold here.  This is cold for California at least...
January 17- Reading "Everyone Poops"

Mamatography 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mamatography: Week 2 1/4-1/10

Mamatography 2012

So, this doesn't really have anything to do with this project per-say but, sheesh!  I had a very hand time doing this!  Getting the badge on the page, and the pictures to go with the correct text.  I REALLY want it to be centered, but I just feel lucky its there at all.  I need to become much for computer/blogger savvy this year.  Enjoy the pictures.  :)

1/4-This is leftover chipotle black bean pumpkin soup. It was so good. Dare I say better that the day I made it? I dare! I actually wrote a post when I made it, here.

1/5-Books I received in the mail today! I got 15 books used on Amazon for less than $100. I used gift cards from the holidays.
1/6-I forgot to take pictures!! I should have taken a picture of my bed, because that's where I wish I was from about 5:30pm on...

1/7- Peanut sitting on "lawn ornament" in the front yard after a nice walk through the neighborhood, and walking with the rocks we have collected along the way.
1/8- Sunday dinner. We do this every Sunday. Now that we are living with the grandparent, I helped grandpa make his stew. Definitely something that was on my bucket list. I really enjoy cooking with him.

1/9- This is spinach on a wall. My little friend (the boy I nanny for) throws his food behind him when he is "all done"

1/10- I took this because my mom and her fiancé are looking for a new apartment. She found one. Not this one, but she found one.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mamatography Week one 1/1-1/3

I think these are in reverse order. I'm still learning. Hopefully next week I'll be better prepared (don't count on it though...)

Jan 1-the peanut with "the kitten" or Kiki as she says. This was the night we moved her from our apt to the house.  The cat not the baby.

Jan 2- The cat confrontation.
Kiki and Boots aka Booty the resident cat, having their first meeting.  

Jan 3- the peanut and her BFF having a reunion after not seeing each other for more than a week!