Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pregnancy Plan

Conceiving the peanut was easy.  The first month we "tried" we got the BFP.  My cycle was so regular then.  It was like clockwork, so when I woke up and didn't have my period, I just knew. 

This time it's WAY different.  My cycles aren't as regular.  They are averaging 31 days.  I have been under a lot of stress.  I know I'm thinking about it way too much.  Part of that is just my personality, but I know I need to tone it down. Stress can totally mess with your cycle. I had an IUD in for close to a year, and had it removed in July of last year.  I keep thinking that has something to do with this.    

So this is the plan for this month:

Wean off coffee, sugar, processed carbs.

Drink green tea in the am and raspberry leaf tea in the pm.

Continue with the ACV with honey.

Vitex elixir 2-3 times a day until ovulation, which I think will be April 9th.  I'm going to take it until the 12th, because that is the latest date I got I might ovulate based on one of the million calendars I used.

Take B6 morning and evening, and a time released b-complex in the morning.

I'm going to really focus on relaxing, and am going to make a effort to get 9ish hours of sleep on most nights.  I'm going to take naps on the days I don't need to be anywhere.

I'm going to check my cervical mucus everyday.  Not sure when the best time to do that is...Google here I come!  First thing in the morning according to Babycenter.

Drink lots of water, and get out of the house for a good walk everyday barring any rain.  Its supposed to rain all week here.  

 Just did a little reading about macca powder and I might try that as well. 

Mostly, I think I just need to have fun with the Mister!  ;)

Baby Dust to all that need!!