Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Park adventure

I realized I forgot the daily synopsis yesterday.  Oh, well. 
Today we had a nice breakfast at home.  Scrambles with onions, and mushrooms.  And fried potatoes.  Coffee, of course!  

Then we packed up to take the diapers to bubbies house.  Unfortunately, the diaper service doesn't deliver up here.  Then we took peanut to the park were going to have her birthday party at in just a few weeks.  It's hard to believe she is going to be 3 already!  My baby isn't a baby anymore.  

She mostly played in the water.  Mister was having a pretty rough day.  Something didn't fit on his boat, and he is trying to quit smoking.  Again.  Some friends and their children met us at the park, and then we went back to their apartment.  The kids kept playing.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Peanut was way tired from her adventure with my dad and stepmom, so we slept in until about 10ish.  When we finally got up it was pretty apparent Grammy was in a crappy mood.  I really didn't want to feel crappy too.  We got ready quickly and left for bubbies.  After a bunch of confusion, we had lunch with mister and took peanut to the water park.  

When the water was off, I was pushing her on the swings when an unattended child walked too close to the swing and peanut swung into her.  It took a few minutes to locate the mom and when she did come she looked annoyed with me!  Am I crazy for thinking parents should be watching their children at the park?!  

Then we went back to bubbies.  Peanut took a bath, I made whipped cream and cut up strawberries for dinner.  Next it was off to papa Karl's.  We were there for just a short,time to talk about details for bugs baby naming Friday, took a Mother's Day picture, and a brief hello to uncle g.  

Had a super dinner with the in-laws.  Peanut locked all the children including herself in the bedroom.  She finally unlocked the door, but it was a little scary for a second.  

I'm still hoping to make a wreath for bubbie tomorrow.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trying something new--daily reflections.

I've come to accept that I have a very difficult time remembering...well, everything.  So I think it would be useful for me to spend a few minutes everyday writing down highlights.

Here we go:

Peanut spent the night with my dad and step-mom, so Bug and I got to snuggle in this morning.  We nursed and snoozed until about 10:30.  Then we got ready to go see bubbie.  At bubbies I opened the box with piñata stuff for peanuts bday party.  Bubbie and did our usual gossiping, and catching up.  Then we did a run to target for supplies for her birthday.  We ran into the family I used to work for and confirmed they will be at the party.  We got some summer outfits for peanut, and a cute little number I had my eye on for bug.  

Next up, chiro for the bug.  She is awesome.  Spends lots of time with us, and no pressure to bring her in more than we can afford.  Kinda love her!  We then went and had some delicious el g's tacos.  Hadn't had those in for-ev-er.  Made a trip to old navy for tank tops.  You can see through my current ones.  Found a dress I'd been eyeing, but didn't know if was from old navy.  Fate?  I think yes.  It was only $10!  

Went back to bubbies, and changed and nursed Nora.  Waited for mister to get off so we could go pick up peanut at the train station.  Was over the moon to see my peanut!  She seems to have had a super time.  Made me a Mother's Day candle.  

Went back to bubbies and had pizza and the rest of her birthday caka(cake).  Got a monster headache, which never happens to me.  Took an Advil(another never happens).  Drove home.  

Read the rest of the first chapter in my anger book.  Will try to do the exercises honestly with myself here.   

Hopefully as this becomes more regular, ill add reflections...maybe to dos for tomorrow.  But tonight just isn't that night.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Refried beans

1lb pinto beans
2t chili powder
1 1/2 t cumin
1t salt
3 cloves garlic chopped
1 yellow onion diced
1/2 jalapeño diced
Bacon fat
Reserved bean cooking liquid

So, after reading various directions on how to make refried beans, I decided I could do this easily. I always thought it would be really difficult or complex. Uh, not so much.

I soaked the beans for several hours. I'm not going to give an exact amount of time. Somewhere between two hours and overnight sounds good. Or really live on the edge and don't soak at all. You can do that with refried beans. Now rinse them really well, and put them in a pot and cover those pintos with water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for a couple hours. I just do it until they start to get slightly mushy. See how rebellious I am?? I'm not bound by any clocks.

Once they are soft, you want to drain the water, BUT you want to keep it. Next I put a few tablespoons of the bacon fat into a cast iron skillet. Got it nice and hot. Then I added the spices, onion, garlic and jalapeño. Sauté it until its all nice and soft. Now add your pintos. And smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Just like your might if you we're making mashed potatoes. I found I needed to a some of the cooking liquid to get the right consistency. And of course, that will vary based on your own personal preference. I like to leave a hint of chunk and fairly thick. Just add it a little at a time. I used a ladle. Now your done. See how easy that was? Yum.

I made these once before and they were the best refried beans I've ever had. I did my prep work tonight to make beans with my oven fajitas tomorrow for dinner. If I get really crazy, ill take pictures of this process and post them tomorrow.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and never buy canned refried beans again.

Your welcome.