Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trying something new--daily reflections.

I've come to accept that I have a very difficult time remembering...well, everything.  So I think it would be useful for me to spend a few minutes everyday writing down highlights.

Here we go:

Peanut spent the night with my dad and step-mom, so Bug and I got to snuggle in this morning.  We nursed and snoozed until about 10:30.  Then we got ready to go see bubbie.  At bubbies I opened the box with piñata stuff for peanuts bday party.  Bubbie and did our usual gossiping, and catching up.  Then we did a run to target for supplies for her birthday.  We ran into the family I used to work for and confirmed they will be at the party.  We got some summer outfits for peanut, and a cute little number I had my eye on for bug.  

Next up, chiro for the bug.  She is awesome.  Spends lots of time with us, and no pressure to bring her in more than we can afford.  Kinda love her!  We then went and had some delicious el g's tacos.  Hadn't had those in for-ev-er.  Made a trip to old navy for tank tops.  You can see through my current ones.  Found a dress I'd been eyeing, but didn't know if was from old navy.  Fate?  I think yes.  It was only $10!  

Went back to bubbies, and changed and nursed Nora.  Waited for mister to get off so we could go pick up peanut at the train station.  Was over the moon to see my peanut!  She seems to have had a super time.  Made me a Mother's Day candle.  

Went back to bubbies and had pizza and the rest of her birthday caka(cake).  Got a monster headache, which never happens to me.  Took an Advil(another never happens).  Drove home.  

Read the rest of the first chapter in my anger book.  Will try to do the exercises honestly with myself here.   

Hopefully as this becomes more regular, ill add reflections...maybe to dos for tomorrow.  But tonight just isn't that night.

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