Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mamatography: Week 3 1/11-1/17

This my 3rd week participating in Diary of a First Child's mamatography.  I am really late this week...

January 11-  Hazards of co-sleeping...
This is the Mister with the peanut's blankie!
  January12- The Peanut walking with Great Grandma at the park.
January 13-This is the peanut searching for rocks.  We did this at every tree. 
  January 14- Helping the bubbie reduce the clutter in her closet.  These bags went to the goodwill.
January 15- Burning a copy of "Babywise" I got at a used book sale!
January 16- It has been really cold here.  This is cold for California at least...
January 17- Reading "Everyone Poops"

Mamatography 2012

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