Monday, January 16, 2012

The Jan Plan

This is a list of things that I really need  to accomplish.  Does anyone care that I have all these silly little things I need to do?  Probably not.  But I'm hoping this will be some sort of accountability for me. 

Fix Milo--I'm working on this.  I just took him to get his first shots, and need to call to make his surgery appt. tomorrow.

Organize closet and pantry--I've been slowly working on this, and I can see the progress.

Return cable equipment--This one is a toughy.  I guess there is ALWAYS a crazy long line at the comcast place...

Finish a book!--I read so many pieces of books.  Never one cover to cover.  Well, I'm not including books I read to the peanut.  I want to read an adult book.  I'm going to try The Natural Pregnancy Book.

Start a meditation/ relaxation routine--I need to do some research on this stuff.  It has been said by more than one that I'm wound like an 8 day clock.  And I feel like it sometimes...
Exercise--Hoping it will help me feel better about myself, and ease some of the anxiety I feel.  All the activites below are ones I've done in the past and really enjoyed.

Write up birth story--because it needs to be done.  I'm hoping writing about it will be therapeutic.  I'm also hoping it will be one of the many way I can get myself in shape so to speak for the next birth.

Do you ever use To Do lists to help you accomplish the things you want to?

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