Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mamatography: Week 2 1/4-1/10

Mamatography 2012

So, this doesn't really have anything to do with this project per-say but, sheesh!  I had a very hand time doing this!  Getting the badge on the page, and the pictures to go with the correct text.  I REALLY want it to be centered, but I just feel lucky its there at all.  I need to become much for computer/blogger savvy this year.  Enjoy the pictures.  :)

1/4-This is leftover chipotle black bean pumpkin soup. It was so good. Dare I say better that the day I made it? I dare! I actually wrote a post when I made it, here.

1/5-Books I received in the mail today! I got 15 books used on Amazon for less than $100. I used gift cards from the holidays.
1/6-I forgot to take pictures!! I should have taken a picture of my bed, because that's where I wish I was from about 5:30pm on...

1/7- Peanut sitting on "lawn ornament" in the front yard after a nice walk through the neighborhood, and walking with the rocks we have collected along the way.
1/8- Sunday dinner. We do this every Sunday. Now that we are living with the grandparent, I helped grandpa make his stew. Definitely something that was on my bucket list. I really enjoy cooking with him.

1/9- This is spinach on a wall. My little friend (the boy I nanny for) throws his food behind him when he is "all done"

1/10- I took this because my mom and her fiancé are looking for a new apartment. She found one. Not this one, but she found one.


  1. Just hopping over for the Mamatography challenge :) You've done so well, I forgot so many days! How lovely to set such a table for a family dinner, and the spinach on the wall made me laugh!

  2. Love the spinach on the wall, must make meal times a joy ;)

  3. Spinach on the wall, I bet you spend lots of time making sure you have got it all

  4. Love the pics :) They are great! Your dinner table makes me feel positively envious!

  5. Gorgeous pictures - especially the food! (and your 'peanut' is most adorable :)). Thanks for sharing!
    ~Kelly @BecomingCrunchy