Monday, February 27, 2012

Paleo Dinner 2/27/12

We are trying something new.  Paleo. Don't know what that means?  Essentially you only eat meat, veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts.  I'm doing some reading on in and how to blog more when I know more about what I'm talking about!  Tonight for dinner I made ground turkey and a bunch of veggies. 
Here are the veggies I used:
First I sauteed The onions and the bell peppers in coconut oil
Then I added the zucchini
Lastly I added the mushrooms
At this point I added maybe a tsp of salt ans some fresh ground black pepper.  I didn't measure any of the veggies.  It was just what I had laying around.  
Once everything got soft and the onions were translucent I cooked the package of turkey in a smaller skillet.  I seasoned it with
  • red pepper flakes
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • cumin
  • Italian seasoning
  • a mortons salt blend
I just did all those to taste.  I never measure.  I added the turkey to the veggies, and turned it on low while I made my green bean side dish.  I also added fresh garlic at this point.  We love garlic.  A lot.

On to the green beans...I sauteed them in Coconut Oil for a few minutes.  Then I added some soy sauce, sesame seeds, mirin and cooking sake.  Then I added everyone's favorite....Sriracha aka Rooster Sauce.  I let it all reduce until it got nice and thick.  SOOO good.

I know some of the ingredients are not in the least bit paleo.  Its a work in progress.  This was the first time Ive cooked turkey in close to a year.

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