Thursday, February 2, 2012

It happened.  Finally.

I got the first cold I've had in a looong time.  I think it's the first one I haven't been able to combat in the early stages since I was pregnant!

I haven't been pregnant in 20 months. 

Truth be told, I haven't really been taking as good care of myself as I ought to.  When I got my period this month I was pretty disappointed.   Things have kind of spiraled out of control from there.  Mister and I have been fighting a little bit.  I have been consuming WAY too much coffee and chocolate.  Then we ventured into San Francisco for one of my best friends birthday last Saturday night.  That's what did it, I'm sure.  SF is a good hour away from us up here in the forest.  I had more than a couple drink.  I mean, I might as well I'm not pregnant, right?  And after dropping off my brother at his warehome...we got in at 3am.  I know, that's shit aint right.  We are getting old!  Relatively speaking, of course. 

Sunday when we got up I thought I was just hung over.  Nope.  I was getting sick.  Bubbie and Papa just moved,  so peanut and I went to help them settle on Sunday.  On the way home we stopped by whole foods, and picked up some elderberry syrup.  This was my first time buying it.  I dont know if I got a "good" one or not.  So these are the things I did to try to kick this colds ass ASAP:
  • Taking the Elderberry Syrup twice a day/2 tsp
  • Taking Oil of Oregano capsules 2-3 times a day
  • Drinking copious amounts of tea.
  • Drinking Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water
  • Eating raw garlic
  • Juicing
I'm still in the very beginning when it comes to homeopathic and natural remedies.    I'm learning. I felt a little confused as to whether I could do some of those things while nursing.  It's so confusing!  I've been reading conflicting information.

I found this post from a gluten-free vegan mom who knows very helpful. 

I'm hoping at some point in time to take some herbalist courses.  It's part of my Mommy Metamorphosis!  Now that it's Thursday, I'm starting to feel much better. 

So tell me, do you go the natural route for healing?  What has your journey looked like? 

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