Monday, November 21, 2011

Moving on...

Times are hard for lots of people right now, and we are no exception.  Before Mister and I became pregnant and got married things in a financial sense were a lot better.  We were big party people when we met each other, and now we look back on those times and wonder how we ever got forward several years down the road and we are struggling to pay rent and feed ourselves each month.  This is no way for anyone to live.

So we are making a HUGE change for our little family.  We are breaking the lease on our 2 bedroom apartment, and moving in with my paternal grandparents.  Now, I should say I have lived with them before.  Twice actually, and I have been quoted to say that "I would have lived with them until I married except for the fact that they live on a dirt road 20 minutes from everything." When I was in my much earlier 20's living so far away was difficult.  I mean, come on, no cell reception?!  Now it sounds heavenly.

My grandparents are in their early 80's, but I think they are like very few of their peers.  They are both so active.  My grandma is out and about 6 days a week.  Volunteering, lunch with friends, picking up my cousin from school, visiting us at work, and the list goes on.  My grandpa stays at home most of the time, BUT has about a million projects he is working on.  One of those projects is to finish an apartment in their basement. We will move into the apartment when its all finished.  Mister and I, but mostly Mister go up to their house and work on various projects every week to get us closer to moving up there.

Until its all finished we will be living in their spare bedroom.  All three of us.  Obviously, there will be some challenges...

Minimalism is something I have taken an interest in, and now is going to be the time to get really serious about putting the little bit I know into practice.  I think it will be good for us.  I'll be writing here about how the moving and resettling process goes.  I'm somewhat nervous about how our daughter (peanut) is going to take it.  Being 18 months old at the time of the move, I think she doesn't understand too much of what is happening.

Mister and I have many things to discuss about starting our lives up there.  We want to have a garden.  They have lots of room.  5 acres!  We are going to be working extremely hard to become completely debt free.  I want to start running.  We are talking about having another baby.  We want to get a dog.  I wan to take some online courses.  Starting with placenta encapsulation.  And most importantly for me, I'm hoping we can get to a place where I am not going to work everyday for someone else!

We are looking forward to the future, and the furture is now!
What does your future look like? 


  1. Hi Meagan,

    You and your family are in for a challenge, but it will work out well as long as you stay focused on your goal of being debt-free and on your many other goals.

    I am facing a new challenge too; bed rest, but I am hopeful that my faith will carry me and my unborn son, and family, through.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for you encouraging words, AND for being the first commenter on my blog!

    Good luck with staying off those feet.

    Thanks for reading. :)